Top Tips to Repair Car Dent

Top Tips to Repair Car Dent

Car Polish Service can also help with dented car but is there a way to repair it yourself?

It is inevitable for novice drivers to drive out of the door. Even the experienced driver, and sometimes there will be small accidents, so dented door is a common thing.

First of all, if you are too lazy to think, the easiest way is to buy car stickers. Now there are many personality stickers available, which can conceal and add personality while saving money. This is a good way!

Secondly, to restore dent by yourself, you need to use some tools to directly purchase sucker bridge-type repair equipment online. This device can restore the dented area by sucking and pulling through the suction cup, as long as you the instructions can be operated, it is still very simple.

If you are not in a hurry to use the car, you can drive the car to a nearby repair shop. The repair tradesman will do sheet metal repairs according to the conditions of our car. However, it usually takes 3-5 days to pick up the car.

Sometimes is just too serious to be repaired. You can only be replace the parts, if there is a nearby auto parts store, go directly to the shop to buy the parts and then repair shop repairs, to the repairman working hours on it, so you can save some money and time at least it is guarantee that you bought the accessories do not need to worry about the replacement parts cost in repair shop.

Lastly, please do a good job of protection and prevent the denting your car. You can put protective cover on the door and prevent the door from hitting the wall or other sharp objects causing secondary dent or scratches.

After repairing car dent, do consider a basic polish service to protect your car paint is important to. Do ask for our car polish package!

Top Tips to Remove Car Scratches

Top Tips to Remove Car Scratches

Car Scratch is always a annoyances to Car owners. There will be some scratches on the car body, some of these scratches are due to driver own factors, and some are due to the combination of pebbles and other factors. After the scratches are generated, they affect the appearance of the car. So, let’s share it today: Easily remove the scratches on the car.

Tip 1: Car Polishing

One of the tricks for resolving scratches on a car is to polish. For such small scratches, use a polisher to gently toss a few places in the scratched area, turn back and forth, and then use a small one. The towel was wiped clean, and the scratches flew away a lot, but inadvertently can’t really see it.

Tip 2: Car Waxing

The second method to solve scratches on the car is to use the body wax for waxing the entire line to repair it. If it is only scratching the surface paint, you can use the car wax to repair the entire line. The wipe method is a straight line wipe. After the scar disappears, wipe it with a finer mixture and then wax it. When waxing, choose a wax of good quality. Otherwise, it will not play a role, but it will add to the damage of the paint.

Tip 3: Use toothpaste

One way to solve scratches on cars is to use toothpaste to repair scratches. Smeared a little toothpaste on the scratches, and then slowly wipe, you can also get rid of scratches, this is because the toothpaste contains tiny particles, through the role of the wipe, the scratches will be ground off.

Tip 4: Use paint pen

The method to solve the scratch on the car is to use a paint pen to eliminate scratches. The premise is that you want to know what color your car body paint, and then buy a paint pen corresponding to the color on it, and shake well before use to make the paint uniform, and then gently click on the scratches.

Tip 5:  Use nail polish

One trick to solve small scratches on the car is to use nail polish. The principle is the same as applying paint pens. Choose the same color of nail polish as the body color. Carefully brush a brush at the scratch. After the nail polish is dry, wipe it with a towel.

Tip 6: Water sandpaper polishing

The polishing of water sandpaper is also a skill to remove small scratches on the car. Prepare an 800# sandpaper, clean the area with the scratch, wipe it dry, and then use sandpaper to dip the water to smooth and smooth the scratches. You should pay attention to your strength and don’t wear it for too long, otherwise you will grind it out.

Tip 7: Use Colored putties

For deeper scratches, especially deep and slender wounds repair with putty. Clean the car body’s scars, grind them with sandpaper then apply putty. When applying, make sure that the putty is completely inside, and then apply a mixed dose and wax.

Tip 8: Use scratch repair kits

To remove small scratches on the car, you can also use the scratch repair kit to remove scratches. However, the required operation steps are also more than the above-mentioned repair methods. Specifically, the scratch area is first cleaned and wiped, and then the water is applied on the 800# sandpaper to smooth the scratches and fill the soil. It needs to be carried out several times. After the soil is dry, it is polished with 800# sandpaper and the surrounding area is polished with 2000# sandpaper and then the surrounding area of ​​the paint is covered. The scratches are cleaned again and then sprayed. The same color primer, spray paint when the attention distance should be greater than 15 cm, a small number of multiple spray paint, until the same color primer dry 15 minutes, then spray the same color paint dry gold light oil spray, after drying to complete the touch up After 24 hours, the grinding and waxing of the touch-ups is again performed so that it can be combined with the original paint color of the vehicle body.

Hope you enjoyed the tips and the key is to clean your car first before applying the remedies.

Alternatively, you can leave it to the pros, our team can help you access your car scratches, let you know if basic polishing can help for you before proceeding. Just come over to us!

Why Ignoring Car Grooming Will Cost You

Why Ignoring Car Grooming Will Cost You

Normal Car Grooming is car wash. We would like to introduce you to car beauty grooming.

Why do cars need beauty grooming?

Our car is just like us, need to care for our skin. If the skin is unprotected, it will become rough, lose its elasticity and luster, and it will be dull. The car beauty care is also the same. In general, the body surface, chassis, and interior are affected by the following aspects:

1. UV damage to car paint. The sunlight contains strong ultraviolet rays. After a long period of sunlight, the car paint will lose a lot of oil inside the paint layer. The paint surface will become dry, and there will be loss of shine, different color spots, and even cracks.

2. Injury of rain and snow on paint and chassis. Due to industrial pollution, more and more sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, salt and other substances in rainwater are formed and acid rain is formed, causing continuous infringement on the paint surface.

3. Other factors on the car paint damage. In the course of driving the car will also be subject to external damage, such as car paint is scratched by hard objects such as scratches, bird droppings and flying paint, etc. adhere to the paint and the formation of the violation. The body damage caused by these various reasons, if not regular professional car beauty care, long-term accumulation, vicious circle, not only affect the appearance of the car, but more importantly affect the safety of cars and people.

Origin of Car Beauty Grooming

In developed countries in Europe and America, Car beauty grooming with the rapid development of the entire automotive industry has reached a very perfect level. Some also call this industry the “car care center”. The function of car beauty grooming is generally defined as three levels.

One level is self-rational maintenance: the owner himself purchases some car waxes, detergents and other ordinary maintenance products to carry out some simple cleaning and protection on the vehicle. The second level is shallow beauty service: such as sticking solar film, protective film, internal jewelry installation, simple treatment of lacquer surface, polishing renovation, etc., relying on general quick repair shop. The third level is the professional auto-cosmetic services: using modern high-tech means, advocating automotive culture concept to carry out all-round beauty care for cars, reflecting the owner’s personality, self-cultivation, outlook on life and preferences.

The new concept of car beauty is not just conventional cosmetic treatments such as simple car waxing, stain removal, deodorization, vacuum cleaning, and cleaning services inside and outside the car, but also the use of professional beauty products and high-tech technical equipment, using special techniques. And methods, to enhance the brightness of the paint, waxing, polishing, coating and deep scratches, the entire car paint beauty, chassis protection armor treatment and engine maintenance and other series of car maintenance technology, in order to achieve “old car rebirth as new, new car preserved value.”

Those are the reasons and origins of car beauty grooming to preserve your car value. Please visit us from time to time, get our well packaged and fairly priced car polish for your beautiful car!

The A – Z Guide Of Car Polish

The A – Z Guide Of Car Polish

Car Waxing is the simplest way to maintain your car outlook.

How do you know if your car need waxing?

Teach you folks a remedy, it is very simple, if you slide your finger back and forth on the surface of the car and the car makes sound like “chirp chirp chirp”, proves it is time to wax.

Waxing is good, but you must pay attention to: Wash the car before waxing, and then buy car wax that suits your car, and finally, find an empty, breathable, sun-tight waxing site.

1. Choose the car wax suitable for your car.

Car wax is divided into liquid wax, cream wax, solid wax and milky wax. Most car owners choose cream wax or solid wax. This is also because the solid wax can retain on the paint for a long time. Normal use of the car can do it once every half a year; while paste wax have strong cleaning ability and easy to operate.

Take note that there are some functional car waxes, such as car wax that is specially added with grinding agent which is used to grind aged or damaged paint. This is suitable for waxing the whole body of old cars, but not for new cars. Therefore, when you chooses to purchase car wax please check and make sure it is suitable for your car, do ask the sales person on this.

2. Choose the right waxing site.

After buying car wax for your car, you also need to find a suitable waxing site, the best choice is to expose your car in open spaces with shading. After all, car wax contains chemical composition and also a certain odor. In addition, waxing at high temperatures or in the sun can easily make the paint surface hot, and the overheated paint surface can cause the car wax to have lower adhesion and affect the waxing effect. Therefore, you must wax in a cool, empty space.

3. Clean the car and then wax.

Washing the car before waxing is mainly to thoroughly clean the dust on the paint surface. If the dust is not cleaned in time, the owner will wipe the dust back and forth onto the paint when waxing, the small edges and corners on the dust can easily damage the car paint surface.

Take note for vehicles that have been parked outdoors for a long time, the car surface of the paint will have some stubborn dirt. It is recommended that the owner wipe off the dirt on the paint before using the wax. This is mainly to make the car have better result after waxing.

4. Waxing is only useful for dirt and small scratches on the paint surface.

It is ineffective for serious scratches. After all, if the paint surface is seriously damaged it can only be repaired at a car repair shop which is by painting it.

That is all have fun waxing your car!

With that said, it would be even easier to request for our car waxing service which includes interior and exterior car wash, you can just sit back and relax!