Normal Car Grooming is car wash. We would like to introduce you to car beauty grooming.

Why do cars need beauty grooming?

Our car is just like us, need to care for our skin. If the skin is unprotected, it will become rough, lose its elasticity and luster, and it will be dull. The car beauty care is also the same. In general, the body surface, chassis, and interior are affected by the following aspects:

1. UV damage to car paint. The sunlight contains strong ultraviolet rays. After a long period of sunlight, the car paint will lose a lot of oil inside the paint layer. The paint surface will become dry, and there will be loss of shine, different color spots, and even cracks.

2. Injury of rain and snow on paint and chassis. Due to industrial pollution, more and more sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, salt and other substances in rainwater are formed and acid rain is formed, causing continuous infringement on the paint surface.

3. Other factors on the car paint damage. In the course of driving the car will also be subject to external damage, such as car paint is scratched by hard objects such as scratches, bird droppings and flying paint, etc. adhere to the paint and the formation of the violation. The body damage caused by these various reasons, if not regular professional car beauty care, long-term accumulation, vicious circle, not only affect the appearance of the car, but more importantly affect the safety of cars and people.

Origin of Car Beauty Grooming

In developed countries in Europe and America, Car beauty grooming with the rapid development of the entire automotive industry has reached a very perfect level. Some also call this industry the “car care center”. The function of car beauty grooming is generally defined as three levels.

One level is self-rational maintenance: the owner himself purchases some car waxes, detergents and other ordinary maintenance products to carry out some simple cleaning and protection on the vehicle. The second level is shallow beauty service: such as sticking solar film, protective film, internal jewelry installation, simple treatment of lacquer surface, polishing renovation, etc., relying on general quick repair shop. The third level is the professional auto-cosmetic services: using modern high-tech means, advocating automotive culture concept to carry out all-round beauty care for cars, reflecting the owner’s personality, self-cultivation, outlook on life and preferences.

The new concept of car beauty is not just conventional cosmetic treatments such as simple car waxing, stain removal, deodorization, vacuum cleaning, and cleaning services inside and outside the car, but also the use of professional beauty products and high-tech technical equipment, using special techniques. And methods, to enhance the brightness of the paint, waxing, polishing, coating and deep scratches, the entire car paint beauty, chassis protection armor treatment and engine maintenance and other series of car maintenance technology, in order to achieve “old car rebirth as new, new car preserved value.”

Those are the reasons and origins of car beauty grooming to preserve your car value. Please visit us from time to time, get our well packaged and fairly priced car polish for your beautiful car!