Car Paint Protection

How to protect a new car paint, a very common question that most car owner would like to search for. Currently in the market of car grooming industry, the protection of the car paint is nothing more than waxing, sealing glaze, liquid glass, plated crystal, etc., a little high-end point has a car color change and so on. The first step of waxing is to apply a layer of organic resin to the paint, which is good for hydrophobic and brightening.

Second step will be applying plated crystal, which is a layer of nano-particles, attached to the car paint, and forms a very thin layer on the car paint surface, which to protect the car paint from acid rain, gum Acidic objects eroded, and there is a towel imprint that prevents the car wash from appearing, and a small sun pattern. Just like sunscreen, protect the paint surface from damage by weak objects.

Third steps, car clothing, applying a layer of nano-material protective film, which save time, usually takes one to two days to paint. It is just like a new mobile phone with a screen saver to prevent scratches.

At car cleaning centre, we provided a one stop solution for all these the new car protection, from waxing to car clothing, until the car paint polishing. To make your car as bright as new, come to visit us today for getting the best service of the day!

Car Paint Touch Up

Sometimes your car just need a light make up.

Vinyl Protectant

Protect your car from harmful Sunlight UV ray.

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makes your car shinier and long lasting protection


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Waxing One Step

wash and wax using quality Meguiar’s shampoo and wash


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Glass Coating

imported technology from United States best for your car


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