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Top Best’ car grooming services start from as low as RM75*

We have different packages to cater to different needs and requirements of our customers. Our basic package includes shampoo hand wash of car exterior, wheels and rims cleaning, body polish, buffing and quick wax of car body. This should make your car spanking clean again. As far as possible, we try to use products that are environmental friendly. We also provide our customers a 100% eco-friendly car wash. Besides the exterior body and wheels & rims cleaning, this package also includes interior vacuum, seat cleaning, windows cleaning, full body cleaner buff and water wax coating.

If you want to rejuvenate your car body paintwork or make it shine again, try out our basic car polish package. The package includes exterior car wash and interior vacuuming and cleaning . All bugs and tar on the car body will be removed wherever possible. We then apply detailing clay to remove contaminants from the surface of your car. The car is then ready for application of polish compound to help the paint look like its original state. We then seal the polishing compound with a full body coat of wax and your car will be as good as new. For longer durability and protection of your car body we recommend you to try out our full car glass coating package which includes a 1st year free service maintenance.

You will enjoy the basic car polish package scope and in addition, we will clean your glass windows and coat them with superior glass coating. Similarly, your car windscreen will be degreased and coated as well. We will then end with a full body glass coating with anti-bacterial nano mist that will shine and protect your car for a very long time. The 1st year free service maintenance will include premium car wash, interior vacuum, carpet cleaning, wiper cleaning, rim & tyre cleaning and nanocoat. Besides these packages, we can also cater to your car’s specific needs for exterior and interior grooming. Contact us about your needs and we can give you our suggestions and a free quote. * for sedan car

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