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Vinyl Protection

Vinyl protection for vehicle become common nowadays where car lovers will prefer to get their car protected by vinyl. The vinyl acts as a cover for the paint, preventing damage from weather exposure on the paint. It also can provide some protection from small scratches and dings from rocks or debris. With the additional layer covered on top, just like a smart phone screen covered by screen protector, the car paint will be protected from dirt, scratches, and fading off fast. At car cleaning centre, we have a group of professional crew to assist you on vinyl wrapping, with reasonable price. Call us today to find out more.

Car Paint Touch Up

Sometimes your car just need a light make up.

Vinyl Protectant

Protect your car from harmful Sunlight UV ray.

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Glass Polishing and Coating

makes your car shinier and long lasting protection


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Waxing One Step

wash and wax using quality Meguiar’s shampoo and wash


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Glass Coating

imported technology from United States best for your car


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Car Paint Coating

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Car Seat Protector

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