Car Waxing is the simplest way to maintain your car outlook.

How do you know if your car need waxing?

Teach you folks a remedy, it is very simple, if you slide your finger back and forth on the surface of the car and the car makes sound like “chirp chirp chirp”, proves it is time to wax.

Waxing is good, but you must pay attention to: Wash the car before waxing, and then buy car wax that suits your car, and finally, find an empty, breathable, sun-tight waxing site.

1. Choose the car wax suitable for your car.

Car wax is divided into liquid wax, cream wax, solid wax and milky wax. Most car owners choose cream wax or solid wax. This is also because the solid wax can retain on the paint for a long time. Normal use of the car can do it once every half a year; while paste wax have strong cleaning ability and easy to operate.

Take note that there are some functional car waxes, such as car wax that is specially added with grinding agent which is used to grind aged or damaged paint. This is suitable for waxing the whole body of old cars, but not for new cars. Therefore, when you chooses to purchase car wax please check and make sure it is suitable for your car, do ask the sales person on this.

2. Choose the right waxing site.

After buying car wax for your car, you also need to find a suitable waxing site, the best choice is to expose your car in open spaces with shading. After all, car wax contains chemical composition and also a certain odor. In addition, waxing at high temperatures or in the sun can easily make the paint surface hot, and the overheated paint surface can cause the car wax to have lower adhesion and affect the waxing effect. Therefore, you must wax in a cool, empty space.

3. Clean the car and then wax.

Washing the car before waxing is mainly to thoroughly clean the dust on the paint surface. If the dust is not cleaned in time, the owner will wipe the dust back and forth onto the paint when waxing, the small edges and corners on the dust can easily damage the car paint surface.

Take note for vehicles that have been parked outdoors for a long time, the car surface of the paint will have some stubborn dirt. It is recommended that the owner wipe off the dirt on the paint before using the wax. This is mainly to make the car have better result after waxing.

4. Waxing is only useful for dirt and small scratches on the paint surface.

It is ineffective for serious scratches. After all, if the paint surface is seriously damaged it can only be repaired at a car repair shop which is by painting it.

That is all have fun waxing your car!

With that said, it would be even easier to request for our car waxing service which includes interior and exterior car wash, you can just sit back and relax!