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Car Polishing is an optional step and is different than waxing. Prior to waxing, using Maguiar’s Ultimate Polish will help to create the deep and mirror like reflections in you car. Maguiars Ultimate Polish similars to a pre-waxing glaze that prepares the surface for wax while offering deep reflections and high gloss Conditioning oils add depth of color and maximum gloss prior to waxing, especially on dark colored cars. It can quickly and gently removes light scratches, fine swirls, water spots and towel marks for mirror-like reflections. It is safely to be used on all glossy paints, including clear coats. Maguiar’s Polish is the perfect follow-up to Ultimate Compound. It removes compounding haze and finishes flawlessly using the same micro abrasive technology which could be found in Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound. Meguiar’s Ultimate Polish removes light imperfections and leaves paint wax-ready.To enjoy Maguiar’s polish service you shall contact car cleaning centre to assist you today!

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Waxing One Step

wash and wax using quality Meguiar’s shampoo and wash


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Polish and Waxing Two Steps

wash, polish and wax using quality Meguiar’s products


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Polish and Wax Three Steps

wash, polish and wax using quality Meguiar’s products with additional one step protection


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Happy Customers

Great job done! Very satisfied with the work done. Personnel were professional and hardworking. Even worked in the rain. Thumbs up!! Will definitely hire them again.
Sapphire Tan

I am very satisfied with a job well done. The appointment was on the dot.
Ricky Pang

I brought my car for polish and wax. Was more than pleased to get personal attention of the boss himself, Ismail, who was meticulous in bringing my car to top shine. They did a good job in my car engine clean as well.


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