Car Scratches Repair

We can exercise utmost care when driving and maintaining our cars but can never guarantee against having scratches on them. Even a new car will inevitably suffer some body scratches. There are a lot of ways our car paint can suffer scratches. Someone could open their car doors too close to ours, or brush a bicycle or motorcycle against our car body, children or even some grown-ups sometimes enjoy vandalising other peoples’ cars, and parking mishaps caused by ourselves or others can also result in our cars being unnecessarily scratched. It can be painful if the scratch is on an otherwise perfectly painted car body. Scratches could be deep or shallow, long or short. Having to repair these scratches on the car can sometimes be a nightmare for car owners.

Minor scratches can be repaired by the many DIY methods available nowadays in the internet. Some people use a little toothpaste to buff out surface scratches, followed by sanding and repainting, if necessary. If repainting of the scratched surface is required, a touch up pen with the same colour as the original can be bought online and used to touch up the scratch parts.

For scratches that are deep and long or extensive, it would be best to leave to the hands of professionals to carry out effective restoration of your car’s body paintwork for you. We are skilled experts in restoring damaged car body works and have our master car groomer to recommend to you the best treatment for your car condition. We have cleansing, polish and waxing services as well as basic 2 step and 3 step Meguiar’s Polish and Wax packages that usually will do the work in most cases. For a more thorough cleansing, scratch removal and longer term car body protection, we offer Meguiar’s Complete 4 step or 5 step Polish and Wax packages which involve deep cleansing with clay bar, use of Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound, polish, wax and sealant.

We specialise in car body restoration and provide various car grooming services such as car windshield repair, car lamp treatment, glass coating and many more. Do give us a call or drop over to enquire how we can help out with your car grooming or restoration needs.

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Waxing One Step

wash and wax using quality Meguiar’s shampoo and wash


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Polish and Waxing Two Steps

wash, polish and wax using quality Meguiar’s products


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Polish and Wax Three Steps

wash, polish and wax using quality Meguiar’s products with additional one step protection


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