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For all car owners, based on our daily routine on driving, such as driving to work, driving home from work, driving to hypermarket during weekends for groceries, all these may be damaging our car’s paintwork without us even realizing it. Imagine that something may happen everyday like accidentally spilled petrol, finger prints, and annoying bird droppings can leave ugly, long-lasting stains and scratches on the surface of our car. Even worse, it might cause corrosion.Not too worry, there are several preventive methods out there to protect your car from all these damages. Car coating is one of it. There are different types of car coating, with glass and ceramic being the popular ones, or paint coating, mainly act as a second layer of paint for our car. Based on the statistic of automotive, the longevity for a coat lasts from 12-24 months while a normal wax lasts from 1-4 months, where coating also have higher durability. At Topbest, we have a group of well trained crew to assist you for getting a professional car coating service. Call us today to find out more.

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Sometimes your car just need a light make up.

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Protect your car from harmful Sunlight UV ray.

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wash and wax using quality Meguiar’s shampoo and wash


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imported technology from United States best for your car


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