The most vulnerable damage to a new car is the car paint. Inadvertent rubbing or careless car washing can damage the paint. Slight scratches are common and the surface of the paint is whitened. It was that the paint surface was scratched, but there was no primer exposed, so there was no need to touch up the paint. Rubbing with rough wax or a few more waxes, the scratches slowly disappear.

Serious scratching, if you can see the colour of the underlying primer, then look at the site of the scar. In general, bumpers, rear view mirrors, and some car wheel eyebrows are engineered plastic parts that do not rust. There are no big problems other than being ugly. Filling up the paint does not depend on the owner’s own requirements. However, if these severe injuries appear on other parts of the car body, it will need to be refinished, otherwise even if it is a minor damage, the steel plate will begin to rust, and even then it will be difficult to prevent rust.

Refinishing paints should also be selected qualified professional paint factory. No skilled spray painter, no dust-free high-temperature paint shop, it is impossible to obtain a satisfactory spray paint effect. Also to remind everyone is, do not believe that some repair companies advertised as the so-called original paint repair, it is impossible. The reason is simple: The original painting process is to be baked at a high temperature of 200°C. If the finished vehicle is refinished with such a process, there is no fear of any component on the car. Therefore, the paint used for refinishing is specifically designed for low-temperature baking, which is not the same as the original paint.

Secondly, the colour of the refinish paint is formulated before the repair. The reason has already been mentioned above, according to the length of time used, the vehicle’s paint has begun to fade, and completely rely on the original car paint tone tonic, will produce a significant colour difference. In order to match the current colour of the vehicle as much as possible, it can only be adjusted. In addition, in order to prevent colour differences as much as possible, even if only a small body needs a touch up paint, maintenance personnel will re-spray the associated body. For example, if there is a place on the door that needs to be filled, then the repair shop will often use the anti-rubbing strip as the boundary and spray the first half or the second half of the door. In this way, if there is a slight colour difference, it will not be easy to see.