First, paint oxidation:

The car under the sun’s ultraviolet radiation for a long time and the paint became oxidation, the brightness will be greatly reduced too. As a result, the paint surface will slowly whitish, forming an oxide layer, shortening the life of the paint. The lacquer is lacquered, whitened and dull, giving the impression that the car is getting old. Prevention: Waxing is the best way to prevent oxidation of paint. The wax plays a role in sealing, a protective film is formed on the surface of the vehicle paint to inhibit the oxidation effect of external harmful components on the vehicle paint. Treatment: Oxidation of the paint can be handled by grinding and polishing. After grinding and polishing to remove the paint oxide layer, the vehicle can be rejuvenated and the color is restored to the state of the new car temporarily. At the same time, it can also be sealed and coated. Sealing glaze can increase the sealing degree of paint, and it is also resistant to high temperature and ultraviolet radiation. The coating is applied to the surface of the car paint protection film to play a role in protecting the car paint.

Second, cracking: If you do not do some necessary care on the paint surface at ordinary times, the metal paint may produce a very fine crack, it will continue to penetrate the car paint until it “breaks through” the entire paint layer, this phenomenon is called “cracking” It usually happens on metallic paint. If the cracking at the initial stage the cracks are difficult to find and become more obvious. Prevention: Regular waxing can reduce cracking. Disposal: Can only remove the paint thoroughly from the metal surface and repaint the car