Clearing the bird droppings on the car body is something that many owners often encounter. What should we do in this particular situation?

We shall be reminded not only to avoid contact with raw poultry, and poultry excrement can not be touched. This is especially important for the owners of vehicles. Cleaning up the guano on the car body is something that many owners often encounter. What should we do in this particular situation?

  1. People may wonder if guano carry a virus?

The recent news circulating on Weibo probably means that friends who drive must pay attention to bird droppings. If bird droppings do not touch the windows and door handles, bird droppings may carry the bird flu virus. If exposed, there is a risk of infection with the H7N9 bird flu virus.

In this regard, we specifically visited medical experts to understand the situation. Experts stated that although the H7N9 bird flu virus has not yet received direct evidence of human-to-human transmission, the public should be wary of potentially dangerous birds and their attachments and excrement. Do not touch poultry directly, especially poultry that have died of illness or cause of death. For poultry feces, it is also best not to touch directly.

  1. How should bird droppings be removed?

Bird droppings are a lot of headaches for car owners. Once bird droppings contain acidic substances, falling on the car body can cause corrosion, and it is not hygienic. Recently, the bird flu virus that has caused everyone nervousness is even more difficult for owners to actually wipe out bird droppings. It’s not a difficult task. Everyone needs to use the methods and pay attention to personal hygiene. Guano for cars and us. Your health will not cause too great a threat.

As a car owner, you can prepare a diluted paint cleaner on your car, spray it on the car paint or window stained with bird droppings, and then attach a damp tissue or rag. Wait a few minutes. Wipe off after softening. In some cases, bird droppings become very dry and hard due to the sun exposure. They need to spend more time soaking and wetting them with water, and generally have a good removal effect.

If there is no professional cleaning agent, the owner can also use the common household cleaning agent, but be sure to pay attention to the neutral, otherwise it will have a corrosive effect on the paint. In addition, wet wipes that we all use with us are also a good choice, because the alcohol content in wet wipes has a good effect on softening bird droppings and disinfection.

After removing bird droppings from the bodywork, it is best to wipe it again with a cleaning solution to ensure that the corrosive guano remains are completely removed. It would be much better if you could wash the car.

Another point to be reminded: Do not rigidly adhere to the tightly adhered bird droppings to prevent the bird droppings from entering the nail seam. Hard guano on the car window must not be forcibly wiped with a wiper, so as not to accelerate the aging of the wiper rubber strip. It is best to use a lot of patience to wash or soak in water.

In this special period, car owners should pay more attention to personal hygiene protection when cleaning bird droppings. First, after removing bird droppings, they must wash their hands as soon as possible, and clean up the waste paper and wastes in a timely manner. The rags must be cleaned and disinfected for the first time. If more exquisite, it is ideal to bring a pair of plastic gloves.