Many car owners who care a lot their cars and like to wash their cars by themselves. Washing a car during leisure time is really good, but with limited knowledge on DIY car washing, it may lead to certain level of damage to your car. Therefore, it is best to leave it to a professional car wash center. Car wash is the most basic car maintenance, many people think that as long as the clean everything is OK. But if you look at it from a professional perspective, there are more to understand.

Study 1: The choice of car wash cleaners

We must use the right car wash detergent/soap. Avoid strong alkaline detergent or soap powder, as the detergency is too strong, which may cause damage to your car. Frequently use them may cause the body surface lightness be eroded soon and will accelerate the aging of body rubber parts, tires, windows, and so on. The correct car washes should be car wash-specific car detergent, and the water-based wax car wash will the best choice. Professional car wash liquid PH value is neutral, will not erode the car surface. It contains water wax components, at the same time giving the car body a moisturizing and maintenance effect. Even we do car wash often, it will not damage the car paint, but to add on the brightness of the surface after the wash. Therefore, try to avoid doing car wash yourself.

Study 2: Pre-wash procedure

When your car is full of dust and dirt attached to the car body. If you come up with a water gun and rub with a sponge, you are like scrubbing your car, where you can imagine the consequences: scratches all over the car surface! Professional car wash will perform a pre-wash procedure before car washing. Professional car wash will use a special equipment to spray a special pre-wash solution on the body and wait a minute or two. After soaking, most of the sand can be separated from the car paint, and then rinsed with a water gun to avoid scratching the car. This will avoid the risk of causing the car scratches.

Study 3: Selection of Tools and Supplies

You shall have suitable equipment when doing your own car wash, the tools include suitable sponges for wiping the body and wash tires, long brushing for washing the rims, and shall not be mixed together. Also, follow the principle of the top down when washing the car. Use a soft towel to dry the water stain on the car body and use a professional wet or dry vacuum cleaner to vacuum the inside of the car.

Study 4: New technology of car wash

With the specialization and gentrification of car washing, many car owners are not satisfied with traditional car washing. The traditional are gradually replaced by new technology.

a) Fine wash

According to the different parts of the car body, different washing liquids are used for fine washing, so as to achieve the most professional car washing effect. For example, finely wash the windshield with a professional windshield washer fluid, retread tires with a professional tire polishing solution, use a professional rim washer fluid to wash the rims, clean the interior compartment with a professional leather cleaner, and so on. Of course, such fine washing charges are higher than ordinary washing methods, but the equivalent of a small beauty is still very attractive.

b) Engine fine wash

Many people do not value the cleaning and maintenance of the engine, having the thought that washing engine compartment is not a necessary thing to do. In fact, perception is incorrect. From a different perspective, why does the high-end car have a guard plate at the bottom of the engine room and can prevent sediment from entering the engine room? This answer is very obvious. Whether the car maintenance is good or not, it is all judging by the engine. In order to make the heart of the car works well, professional cleaning is necessary. Clean the engine must go to a professional car beauty shop. Before cleaning, all kinds of important joints must be wrapped with film, and then use a professional detergent to clean each part, and then wash and dry with water, can not be washed directly with a high pressure water gun, and finally use a variety of rubber protection agent to the cabin. All kinds of rubber glazing are protected. In addition to the above, other things such as whether there is chassis washing equipment at the construction site, the quality of construction workers, whether the management is standardized, and whether the speed is appropriate, etc., are all shall require the attention when doing the car washing.