Very often we might only emphasize on the cleanliness of the car surface but we have ignored the importance of the interior cleanliness

People who love cars will not let their cars be dirty, and those who are industrious will do their own car wash. However, we shall ask ourselves a question here: Is it really clean when the outer part pf the car looks shining? The answer is definitely negative. We might often ignore the details so here we reveal the truth to you.


Most of the time we forgot the fenders. Perhaps the car owners who were attentive may have wash it, but have they really rinsed it completely? When washing into the fenders, the inside is cleaned. In addition to the cleaning suspension, there is also a place that is easily missed, which is the outside edge of the fender right above the wheel. Some of them will accumulate a lot of debris such as gravel, and you should pay attention to this part when doing the cleaning.The gap between the fenders and the skirt must be cleaned. Otherwise, it is easy for the car paint to be eroded due to the accumulation of oil and sand and the fenders are damaged.

Side mirrors

It is necessary to dry the vehicle body after washing. Quite often that we will easily overlook the rotation part of the side mirrors. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it will accumulate a lot of dust and oily particles. When washing the car, if this part is not taken care good enough, it is easy to leave black sewage and when the vehicle is moving, the wind will promote the discharge of sewage, and it will leave an obvious stain there. Therefore, please note that when cleaning the vehicle, do not ignore this part, turn your side mirrors, clean and dry the water stains.

Engine compartment

The engine compartment is also an easily forgotten part. In fact, the cleanup time of the engine room does not take too much time, and it is not difficult, but many owners are not aware of this. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it will accumulate a large amount of dust, and may shorten the life span of the circuit elements and became aging easily, which this is unfavorable for the car and will increase the unnecessary cost of the car.

After cleaning the car, it is necessary to clean the engine compartment by wiping the water from the edge of the engine cover. The easiest way is to use a wrung wet towel, the engine, the battery, and the cover plate. Parts that have water stains can be wiped clean, and the entire process does not take very long time.


If the interior cleaning is not done perfect, it will generate the odor of your car interior. You can choose some special foam agent to clean the car interior to wipe the instrument panel, center console, door, central armrest , seats, this will not only make the car clean and tidy, reduce odor, but also a lot of beauty. Do not forget the door seals, which should also be cleaned carefully. door seals have a lot to do with the noise and seal in the car, and are very easy to age. When the door seals are aging, they have to be replaced and this cost you unnecessary expenses as well as your personal time.


Generally the floor mat is the dirtiest part with bacteria, but often when cleaning, that is, take out the mat to take a shot, put the dust and the shoots the sand out. Such a cleaning method does not take much effect. It is suggested that when you wash your car, you still have to take out the floor mat. If you have a vacuum cleaner, you can suck out the dust, sand and other foreign objects. There is no vacuum cleaner to take a shot. Then use it to clean and dry, so as to prevent car smell more effectively. Lastly, let’s remind you that the floor mats are part of the ensuring the driving safety, so we must choose the suitable floor mats.

In summary, cars are personal items that every car owner shall take care of. Cherish your own car, keep it clean, at the same time, they are comfortable to drive, comfortable to sit, at least maintain a good cleaning and maintenance of your cars will save you much peace of mind in the future.