Every holiday season is in a good mood, and a happy holiday is coming again. This time, no, it’s not a time for a small holiday. This holiday season can’t be wasted, and we must take care of the car, check and inspect it, and then drive up the road. Unfortunately, the reality is often sad reminder, when I checked the car and found that the body actually has scratch marks, the mood instantly fell into the freezing point. It is estimated that the white flower banknotes and holidays will be gone.

Helplessly, the emergency driver of the old God to solve the rescue method, the old driver gift magic — car wax, car wax is what? See below:

Car wax is a traditional automotive paint maintenance product. Car wax is mainly composed of natural wax or synthetic wax. It penetrates into the gaps in the paint to make the surface flat and increase the brightness.

To calculate, we buy car wax ourselves and spend a little time waxing ourselves. In fact, the cost is less than one-tenth of the car wash shop. In general, the market price of a box of ordinary car waxes is between 60-100 yuan. Generally, it can be used 10 times. Think again about the charges for car beauty shops and instantly feel that you are doing it well.

Car wax is divided into polishing wax and polishing and grinding wax according to its main function. At present, car waxes on the market are divided into liquid waxes, cream waxes, and hard waxes. When car waxes are selected, the use of car waxes should be distinguished. Sand wax and polishing wax are not used for paint protection. They are used for lacquer polishing. There are decontaminating and renewing car waxes. They all contain grinding ingredients and are suitable for old cars.

Then the question is, how to choose wax? What brand is more suitable? What car wax is more convenient? Don’t worry, take you to the end.

What brand is more suitable?

The suggestion here is that as long as it is not too high-grade cars, buying some big brands of mid-price car wax is enough, the price is generally between 60-100 yuan, and our most common car wax brand has 3M, turtle brand. These two big brands, 3M and Turtle, are most loved by car owners, because the price is cheaper than that of the owner, and they can buy good car wax without excessive price, while the luxury car is recommended to use the Sonax brand. The car wax, because Sonax is a high-end wax, the price is basically more than 150 yuan.

What car wax is more convenient?

As mentioned above, the car waxes on the market today are divided into liquid waxes, paste waxes, and hard waxes. Then, what kind of wax is convenient and time-saving? Xiao Bian wants to say that each type of wax, the method of operation and the time consumed are indeed different, and the effect is also different. After all, radish greens have their own love. The way everyone likes it is different. It is only for the friends of the owners.

Before waxing, other necessary items need to be prepared. Such tools as waxing sponges and towels are generally provided with the goods; once again, it is highly recommended to buy a pair of gloves and then wax them again. After all, car wax is a chemical product. , It has more or less influence on human skin. Assuming that it is done by wearing gloves, at least there is no strong smell of car wax on the hand.

First is liquid wax. According to a friend’s experience, a bottle of liquid wax (about 500ml) can basically be used 3-4 times; the method of use is very simple. Just spray the liquid on the paint and evenly wipe it back with a dry towel. You can. It is advisable to wax the area because it is more regular and reasonable. It will not miss certain places, and it will not be dried up because parts of it have not yet been wiped. The operation is the most convenient and time-saving among the three types of waxes, but the effect is also the shortest among the three types of waxes.

Paste wax and hard wax, because the use of the two is exactly the same, so here to talk about. When waxing, apply a proper amount of car wax to the sponge block. It must be evenly distributed. It is best to start waxing from the top of the car and wax it in a similar manner to the circle. Similarly, it is also to wax the area and wax the area. After finishing, call another area. After the area is waxed for 5-10 minutes, the car wax in the previous area has already dried up. Return to the previous area and dry the used car wax. Towel can be wiped clean, and so on, complete waxing. Relatively speaking, compared with liquid wax, these two kinds of waxes are more complicated and time-consuming to operate. However, the continuous effect is better than that of liquid waxes. The hard wax lasts the longest, liquid wax is the most convenient, and the wax does not have a hard wax effect, but the decontamination effect is the best. (If you have to ask Xiao Bian’s choice, my choice is to paste wax because the dirt on the car is too much… and the hard wax is too hard!)

It is worth noting that before waxing the car, choosing the right place is also very important! Indoor and outdoor can be, but to meet specific conditions, outdoor venues, it is natural that the rain can not be waxed, but too much sunlight is too high temperature is not good, indoor places, it must be a ventilation place and can not be dust Big. No matter what kind of car wax, in addition to the body of the car, windshield, air intake grille, rearview mirror, etc. have got car wax, due to the timely clean up. When the car body has scratches, as long as there is no damage to the paint, the general wax can make the scratches lighter, play a certain repair effect, but if you damage the primer you can not use the car wax repair.

Remember to clean the car before waxing the car. The dirty car cannot be waxed because the dust has tiny corners. When the wax is rubbed back and forth repeatedly, these small dusts can damage the paint surface. This is not worth.

After all, car wax protects the car body paint surface, understands the car wax, and in the future encounters some minor troubles of the body paint surface, it can solve it simply and at a low cost, and at the same time, it can also prevent some of the Black Heart Auto Beauty Centers from “cheating”.