Since the window film and glass are not completely attached after the film is covered, please take note that within 3-7 days after the film has been applied on your glass:

  1. Do not roll down the window within 3 days after applying the film. This is because the window does not completely attach with the window, and may cause the displacement of the insulation film.
  2. Do not clean the insulation film or turn on the defogging line switch within one week after film application.
  3. Do not wash the surface of the membrane with a solution containing alcohol or ammonia. This irritating agent will affect the effective functional ingredients in the solar insulation film.
  4. Do not use sharp objects to remove the edges of the membrane to prevent it from entering dirt.
  5. If bubbles appear after filming, they must be processed in the construction shop within 24 hours.
  6. Do not let the air-conditioning wind blowing against the film, so as to avoid severe thermal expansion and contraction.