Plant method
First of all chemical removal of formaldehyde method of plant safety no secondary pollution, than the chemical removal method, because it is plant extracts, so high security. In developed countries in Asia, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, has been the first to use the technology for urban, residential, automotive air purification. With the increasingly frequent communication between Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, this technology also will enter the Chinese mainland.
1. The best air-conditioning cleaning times
Many owners tend to use the vehicle is not a problem will not be a big action. Among them, for example, air conditioning, the owners do not wash the whole year is not uncommon. But the summer air-conditioning will be a long time to use, do a thorough cleaning is still very necessary. In addition to removing odor, the air inlets inhaled a lot of dust, dirt and the breeding of bacteria, are likely to affect people’s health. Need to pay attention to the focus of cleaning air conditioning parts include: automotive condenser, this part will affect the air conditioning cooling effect, the condenser is usually installed in the front and the water tank together, cleaning should pay attention to prevent heat dissipation leaves leaves blocked by the cooling effect; The role of the air inside the filter, with a period of time after the easy to black, the general staff of the car beauty shop will replace the proposed owner, but in fact can continue to use after cleaning the air filter. During the cleaning process, suction the air filter on the debris and surface dust, and then rinse.
2. Interior thoroughly disinfection
As the hot summer, many owners do not often open the windows, and air conditioning to the wind, often only choose the inner loop. For a long time, the air inside the compartment will become turbid, especially before the thunderstorm hit hot and humid weather, bacteria are also easy to breed. Owners at this time you can choose to buy some interior cleaning agent or to the car beauty shop on the car interior to conduct a thorough clean-up.
3. Volatile car antifreeze essential
Summer coolant evaporation fast, we must always check whether the lack of coolant, if missing, to replenish the same brand of antifreeze, not add other brands of antifreeze or water. Because antifreeze is the main working medium in the engine cooling system, its main role is to make the engine cooling system through forced circulation, so that the engine to maintain the appropriate operating temperature.
It is called “antifreeze” because the liquid contains some freezing point of the lower chemical composition, which can protect the engine at low temperatures and water tanks do not freeze. In addition to antifreeze, the use of chemical composition of ethylene glycol and other antifreeze prepared not only low temperature, and high temperature characteristics are particularly good. This antifreeze in close to 200 degrees Celsius can be “boiled.” In the summer filled with such antifreeze in the tank, you are not easy to be car water tank “boil” troubled by the. In addition, antifreeze also rust, the role of cleaning.
4. Protect the car paint parked in the shade
Although it seems no life, but really afraid of the sun, long-term exposure will be the old, wrinkled. Ordinary beauty waxing, although some role, but because any car wax contains silicon components, durable ultraviolet radiation will rust paint, leaving little spots. And the car wax itself can not achieve enhanced hardness, anti-ultraviolet effect, will be due to high temperature and quickly lost, therefore, parking should be parked in the shade.